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Things to do before developing your content for the week.

Just because it's for your business doesn't mean it should feel like a chore. In fact, social media should be one of the most enjoyable facets of your business strategy. Nowadays, the pressure (and the brain-farts) are having everyone pulling their hair out when it comes to their socials. Save your precious follicles people because we're laying it down in an easy peasy, no nonsense way so you can stop the weekly hyperventilation.

Here are 5 things to think of before you embark on your weekly social media mission

1. Before you post, know your goal.

Sounds really simple, eh. It is, but for so many of us, the pressure of creating content is so paramount that we hit the panic button and all of a sudden the message we deliver is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and some hashtags.

Stop, breathe, think. What do you want to achieve from social media for the next 7 days? Once your clear on your goal, you'll be clear on your message.

2. Quality over quantity.

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something. See the difference. In short, if you aren't adding value, delivering a clear message and giving your audience content they actually want, step away from the phone.

The age old saying quality over quantity applies when it comes to content too! Rather than focusing on posting 3 times a day, focus on delivery content that adds value, content that your audience WANTS to read. If you can only deliver value adding content 5 times a week, then that's all you should be putting out into the digital world.

3. Who are you talking to.

Seriously, who? If you don't know then you need to put down the tools and start there. Without knowing your audience, how do you know what content the want to consume. You don't! In other words you're talking to everyone and no one.

Do your research. This will mean keeping tabs on the people that engage with your content. This in conjunction with your target audience will set the tone for what you put out.

4. Understand that this could be a first impression.

Before putting content together, consider that this could be the first time someone has come across your brand on social media. First impressions last so don't half-ass it. This takes me back to points 1, 2 and 3. Be clear, don't post for the sake of posting and know who you are talking to.

5. What is your brands personality

I like to think that every brand has a personality. I also think it's incredibly important that you let that personality shine through. It's genuine, it's authentic, it creates a connection and resonates with a potential consumer. When I'm on the gram or reading through blogs, I'm often drawn to the tone over anything else and stick around because of the content I am consuming.

Allow yourself to throw a little bit of "you" amongst it, let your brand share its personality and people will connect with it, engagement will increase and you will have built quite the little platform.

We out.

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