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Since 2016, we've merged passion, strategy, creativity and experience together to develop an impactful, one-stop marketing shop designed to help our clients maximise their bottom line. Our integrated approach means we operate as part of your team, working alongside you to help your business succeed. 

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Our office address may be located on the Gold Coast, but our expertise and support span far greater. We work with clients across Australia and beyond.

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The Social Cue Social Media Agency Services




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Meet Ash McConnell, the founder of Gold Coast-based Digital Marketing Agency, The Social Cue. 


After dipping her toe in Marketing in her early 20s, she fell madly in love with Social Media and how it could be leveraged for business.  In 2016, Ash launched one of the first Social Media Management businesses in Queensland and as the industry evolved, so too did her business.


Her expertise has been honed through years of working alongside renowned brands, where she has spearheaded successful marketing campaigns and transformed social media platforms into powerful tools for growth.


Ash's strength is in her unwavering commitment and investment in the brands The Social Cue has the pleasure to work alongside, pouring love and energy into each project. 


When Ash isn't at the office, you'll find her soaking up a sunrise, trying every new restaurant, going to as many music gigs as possible and enjoying family time with her husband and her fur babies.

Ash McConnell The Social Cue


Utilising 20+ years in the online world, Kley provides consultancy and technical services to clients looking to maximise their return on their online activities, campaigns and processes.


Professionally, he loves harnessing Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Productivity Tools, AI and Website User Experience to help bring the goals, needs and aspirations of business owners, entrepreneurs and organisational leaders to life! With his online expertise, in-depth knowledge, marketing/management university qualifications, and extensive experience running his own profitable businesses, Kley is in a unique position to advise and implement all the whats, whys, hows, and whens for your online business requirements.


Kley joined The Social Cue team in 2020, pivoting from the hospitality game back into the online business environment. He dislikes impersonalised service (in any arena), and so you will find him working closely with a select group of clients at any one time, dedicated to ensuring he personally delivers the support and outcomes they deserve.


Outside of work, his previous immersion into the hospitality space sees him seeking out and exploring the exciting array of local craft breweries, artisan distilleries, coffee roasteries and venues throughout SEQ and beyond. Kayaking, bike cruising and anything beach-side with family and friends always makes his day. 


Since joining our team in 2020, she's been the magical force behind bringing our client’s visions to life. As an Account Manager and Marketing Coordinator, she immerses herself in her client’s team, helping to ideate, design, execute and reflect on current projects. She's not just a team member but a trusted ally for our clients.

In action, she’s an ideas machine and loves to problem-solve. No project is too big, and no deadline is too tight – she makes it happen.

Armed with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Graphic and Communication Design, Toshi knows all the secrets of creating visually captivating designs that capture our clients' stories and connect deeply with their audiences.

Throughout her time at The Social Cue, Toshi has become an integral member of both our team and our client's teams. She's like a superhero sidekick, supporting and shaping The Social Cue into the powerhouse it is today. Her dedication and expertise have truly left a mark on everything we do.

Outside of work, Tosh prioritises spending quality time with her friends and family. Whether it’s eating out, watching movies, painting or having a boogie, it’s always a weekend well spent in good company.

The Social Cue Team


Grace joined The Social Cue team in March of 2023 and has been a beacon of light and vibrant energy since the moment she arrived. With a Diploma in Social Media Marketing, this born creative has stepped into her role as Marketing Assistant and Social Media Manager, seamlessly and has made it her own.


Her enthusiasm knows no bounds and with passion and a fire in her belly, Grace has taken her social media clients’ online platforms to new heights. Grace not only breathes life and purpose into client projects but also cultivates trust and connection through her exceptional community management skills, fostering a sense of belonging for her clients’ online audiences.


Grace’s ability to conceptualise and craft content has made her an asset to her clients. She seamlessly combines imagery and video to create impactful digital experiences.


Her sunny disposition is positively infectious, infusing our team with inspiration each day. Outside of work, Grace has a true passion for all things health and fitness, as well as spending quality time with her friends, whether that be going for a walk, coffee or spending time at the beach.   

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