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Back to basics: the essentials for using instagram for business

Using Instagram for your business: The essentials when starting out

The technology in today's society is ever growing and at times it can feel like you’re left two steps behind, fumbling about in the dark, feeling around for the ‘send help’ button. Consider that button ‘hit’. We’re here to answer all calls from the dark and speak to you, (in your language) about building an Instagram for your business, that will not only look the part, but play the part!

Instagram is the place to be when it comes to social media for your business, with high engagement and brand-loyal followers it’s never been so easy (apparently) to hit those business goals. The trouble is, with all of this at our fingertips, so much information to take in, so many Do’s and Don’ts, at times, the easy can become not so easy. This may get a little content heavy but bear with us, we’re here to help inform. It’s time to break it down…

Get your business account!

There are two options available here for you, it just depends where you’re at;

  1. You already have an existing personal Instagram account, your content is brand-appropriate and you have an existing following – you just need to transfer your account from personal to business and you want to keep everything that you have built up on your personal account

  2. You’re starting your Instagram Account from scratch.

Converting your personal account to a business account; A simple step by step guide:

  1. Log in to your existing personal Instagram account

  2. Tap the profile icon to take you to your own profile

  3. At the top right of your screen is the three lines icon, tap it and then tap settings

  4. Tap switch to business profile, then continue

  5. This step is optional – You can connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook business account (which we recommend), to do so simply follow the prompts

  6. Add your contact information – A business account for Instagram must include your business details, add your business email, phone number and address

  7. Hit done – It’s all set

Setting up your Instagram business account from scratch; A simple step by step guide:

  1. Download the Instagram app through your app store

  2. Open the app and hit the sign up button

  3. Enter your business email address and if you wish to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page tap log in with Facebook or make sure you use your admin email address to sign up

  4. Select a username and password and fill in all your profile info

  5. Hit done

  6. Now your account is set up follow the steps in the above guide to transfer this personal account into your business account

Speak to YOUR audience

One of the most important parts in creating a successful Instagram business platform starts with being able to define your target audience. The content you provide for your audience must be relevant to your audience and brand in order to maximise potential for you to hit those business goals.

It’s important to know who your existing customers are so you can be sure to continue providing these customers with value adding content and in turn attract more of the same. Have a look on your other business social media platforms and check the analytics on these channels to gain insight into who is following you. Check out what your competitors are doing, do your research and if you deem it successful, implement these tactics into your own efforts.

Once you understand the audience you're already speaking to, you can gain insight into what content they want. Investigate what content they post on their own accounts and how they interact with your competitors and other similar brands.

Stay on schedule – Consistency is key

Keep a regular posting schedule. You don’t get followed for nothing, once you have

successfully started to generate a following on Instagram make sure you keep providing your followers with the value adding content that made them hit that "Follow" button to begin with. You need to be posting to them on a regular basis or you will lose their interest and in turn, them.

When taking into consideration the most effective time to post for your business, do your research, look into when your audience is most active and post accordingly.

Instagram business accounts have made it easy to access information about your audience’s activity. Head to your business profile, click the three bar icon then click insights. If you click on the Audience tab you will be able to see your audiences most active times. These are the times you should be posting.

Content, Content, Content

As a visual media account the appeal and quality of your content is vital. Keep your images true to your brand but create a cohesive platform by ensuring you have an established theme and layout that aesthetically engages your audience. Make sure your captions are relevant not only to your brand and/or products but also to each individual image they come under.

Keep them coming

Keep your audience engaged to generate a larger following. Stay up to date with your online community. Stratagise your hashtags and lead more people to your page. Interact with your audience and reply to their comments, this creates a more personal platform, one to which your follower can relate to and resonate with the people behind the brand itself.

For more details, contact our team. We love a chat and would be happy to answer any questions you have!

Ash, out!

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