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There is no denying it. Instagram has become the key player in the digital marketing game and with recent statistics showing the growing number of users, it’s clear to see the gram’ ain’t going anywhere soon! Content development is more important than ever before. There is now over 1 BILLION active users of which 500 million users are scrolling, swiping and double tapping every single day, which raises the question, how often are you putting content out there on behalf of your business or brand?

We get it, posting content is hard yakka, especially when your creative juices aren’t flowing, and you feel like you’ve run out of things to say. How on earth can we keep up with producing quality content ERR’ DAY, stay relevant and provide value all at once?

We’ve put the proverbial pen to paper and have dished out some Content Tips to take the stress away from social. Read on, friends.


One fab content idea is to show of a little bit of YOU and or YOUR TEAM. Dedicate a weekly post to showing your audience the FACE/S behind the biz. Showcasing and profiling yourself and the people involved with running your business can build trust, helping your audience connect with your brand on a personal level and showing them what is at the heart of it all.

Whether it’s a quirky, raw video that you roll out through your stories or a head shot, introducing who you are or sharing some fun facts, this will resonate with your followers and provide more content for you to roll out across your Instagram Profile.


For The Social Cue clients, we often roll out a weekly post for testimonials and real client stories. Collate your Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews or ask your clients to email you through a testimonial that you can showcase on your Instagram Feed.

Nothing improves your credibility like a happy customer.


We put so much emphasis on planning, after all “Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance”. Dedicate time weekly, fortnightly or monthly to preparing content.

Alleviate the stress of on the spot posting and invest in a scheduling application. Hootsuite, Later and Planoly are fantastic tools to plan your Instagram content, pre-schedule your captions and ensure everything looks lovely-lovely and cohesive.


Provide value by dedicating a weekly post to answering frequently asked questions. Every time someone asks me a social media related question I always make note of it and use it as content. You’re obviously a wizard at the service you provide so educate those that aren’t too savvy in your field (i.e. social media tips, recipes, hacks and how-to’s).

Educational posts are a real crowd pleaser. You don’t need to give away all your top secrets but sharing insight promotes trust, credibility and gives you authority in your field, in other words “this gal knows what she’s talking about”.


Another great tip is to share the love by posting content of your customers and other brands that align with your core values and compliment your business. Celebrate their wins or give them a shout out. For example; I stumble across fabulous quotes posted by similar businesses and it’s always great to re-share and give them a mention such as “Wise words from our friends over at [insert Instagram handle here]”

So there you have it. When you feel like you’ve run out of talking points, you haven’t! There is always something you can discuss. Tips and tricks, personal profiling and even the latest weather events!

To learn more, content the team at The Social Cue! We’d be more than happy to help you develop a content plan to suit your business!

Happy grammin’


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