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Get popular on instagram; how to increase your audience

Is it just us, or is growing your Instagram followers in 2018 like getting blood from a stone! It used to be easy didn’t it?! A few thoughtless hashtags and a filter and BAM 50 new followers overnight. Those days are long gone and 2018 is proving to be the ultimate hustle for growth for Instagram audience since EVER!

Keeping up to date with the latest release phone means that there is a great percentage of us walking around with a DSLR equivalent in our pockets. Depth of Field functions are now allowing Tom, Dick and Harry the capability of uploading flawless content time and time again.

In a nutshell, pretty pictures does NOT cut the mustard anymore. To grow our following we NEED to be proactive and give MORE than the average IG user.

Let’s set the record straight lovely people, MORE FOLLOWERS DO NOT EQUAL MORE SUCCESS.

Say it with me this time...


Instagram is very much a matter of quality over quantity. This goes for the content you upload and the followers you gain. In a sea of “bots” and broad hashtags your followers will come, and then, they will go. Ask yourself this; would you rather have 10K followers from varied demographics, from the other side of the world, or 1000 followers who engage with you and add value to your business?

If your answer was 10K followers, then you need to leave the Island. Just kidding, we are just going to educate you with some truths.

So here it is. Four things you can implement into your digital strategy that will attract MORE of the RIGHT kind of audience.


Food for thought; if you aren’t providing valuable content, then why would people follow your Instagram Journey. Providing value to cut through the sea of endless content is crucial. What does your brand or business offer, what are you selling, and what service do you provide?

For The Social Cue, we keep tabs on everything clients ask us or what we believe is vital social media know-how. With this in mind, we regularly post tips and tricks. We provide insight that our audience will be able to implement into their own strategy. Value!


This one is a goodie! With so many social media platforms and touch points at our disposal, we can be utilising this to direct our audience to Instagram.

Facebook is PERFECT to boost your Insta-Exposure. You can direct traffic to your IG through general Facebook Posts with a shared URL for easy access OR you get involved in Business Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups are the perfect platform to self-promote all while connecting with like-minded business gals and guys. On a weekly or fortnightly basis, most groups publish an Instagram Thread which allows you to share your IG link. The “follows” will flood in, but be sure to return the favour!


It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason.

Think of Instagram as a first date. A relationship is never going to develop if there is only one party putting in all the effort. We recommend investing 15-30 minutes each day reaching out to other accounts. Share the love, give them a follow, and connect with genuine conversation. You can even go the extra mile and slide into their DM to introduce yourself! You will soon be on the fast track to a devoted Instagram relationship.

Till death do us part.


People buy People.

This was one of the first major takeaways that stuck in my very first week of marketing!

We often drop the mask and expose the realness behind The Social Cue and guess what?! It bloody works. Whether it is to share 10 random facts, celebrate our success or better yet, bitch and whinge about how we totally screwed up our day and we really just want to have a glass of wine. PEOPLE RELATE. Use radical honestly to connect with your audience, build trust and resonate. Your audience will be more inclined to get chatty if they know there is a real person at the heart of the brand.

Put these things into practice and we guarantee your Instagram Account will grow with GENUINE people that add VALUE to your business.

On a side note; FOLLOW US


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