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google and seo

climb the google ladder and elevate your authority with strategic SEO and advertising

Do you want to get your business in front of as many eyeballs as possible? Of course you do.

The Social Cue offer comprehensive SEO and Google Advertising solutions to help your brand achieve visibility where it counts.

With so many brands marketing their business online, visibility on a saturated platform can be difficult to achieve and to navigate. Our team of Tech Specialists work to elevate your presence and position online through comprehensive SEO solutions and tailored Google marketing strategies.

By merging both back-end SEO tactics and Google Advertising with compelling creative, we help you become discoverable online and climb the Google ladder.

As beautifully presented as your website may be, without effective SEO strategies in place to help drive traffic to your website, your business will be generate the traction it deserves.

this is what we are about

Our Gold Coast SEO and Google Team focus on two essential and critical areas:
TRAFFIC; With Traffic, our activities focus on securing more visitors to your website and social platforms to increase opportunity for conversion. 

Our Gold Coast Marketing Team take a considered approach to driving traffic to your website including (but not limited to) SEO and implementation of Advertising and Marketing campaigns (Ads, Facebook, Instagram).

CONVERSION; With Conversion, our activities focus on securing more value from the visitors coming to your website or social platforms. Specifically, our emphasis is two fold:

A. Increase customer conversion -  From the existing traffic, our goal at The Social Cue is to convert more site visitors to become a customer, client, lead or supporter.

B. Increase sales value conversion - From the existing traffic, our goal is to secure a greater dollar value from each sale or customer.

Conversion activities can include modifications, additions or enhancements to the client's existing website (content, layout, branding, functionality) and to socials; implementation of Advertising and Marketing campaigns (Ads, Facebook, Instagram) with campaign specific landing pages, introduction of new product or service offerings; rebranding of assets and materials; or even a rebuild of the website.

Gold Coast SEO and Google Ads Specialists here to get you the attention you deserve!





from $899

Learn where you are situated online! The Entrepreneurial Analysis will assess your business landscape, you existing website performance and functionality. We will uncover how to get your target audience

online and how to address their needs. This step will help us define actions to secure clients and increased sales from that audience.  


This is an essential prerequisite to further SEO, Ads, Website

  • Entrepreneurial Data Analysis

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Adwords Analysis

  • Website Analysis

  • Socials Analysis

  • Entrepreneurial Snapshot Checklist

  • SEO Action Plan with Key Words

  • Adwords Action Plan

  • Website Action Plan

  • Socials Action Plan

once off analysis

SEO package


(but not limited to)


Do you want a dedicated SEO Specialist for your business? Invest in an ongoing SEO package and targeted traffic to help you make your digital mark and climb the google ladder. Enjoy increased traffic, increased conversions and brand awareness. 

from $212.50 PER WEEK
  • Rectify existing issues

  • Google My Business

  • Back Links

  • Meta Tags

  • Meta Descriptions 


  • Site speed optimisation

  • Create Sitemap to Google

  • Setup link monitoring

  • Add custom 404

  • Add GA

  • Add Tag manager

  • Software management

  • Optimise mobile friendly site

  • Add target keyword to URL

  • Optimise title for organic CTR

  • Optimise readability

  • Optimise images

  • Build internal links

  • Link to authoritative sites

Google Ads




from $212.50 PER WEEK
Google Ads is a pay per click (PPC) advertising platform that allows businesses to pay for specific keywords related to their business. 

Ad Groups optimised for impression and conversion. Our Gold Coast Google Ads Team will focus on increasing qualified traffic to your landing page and website with increased conversion.

  • Focus on increasing qualified traffic

  • One campaign with up to 50 keywords

  • Campaign design

  • Set objectives and goals

  • Keyword analysis

  • Ad writing

  • Monitoring and adjusting

  • Build negative keywords list

  • Identify opportunities

  • Monthly reporting