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How to keep your content cohesive

We all use social media. We share memes, keep our friends up to date on our daily happenings, get our creep on and wind up 32 weeks deeps on Debby's ex-boyfriend's brother's trip to Barcelona. With that in mind, we should all be pros at social media for business, right?

The most common question we receive from our mentoring clients is "How do I keep my social media platforms cohesive?" Good question! Most people think that once their logo, business card and website have been developed, they have completed their branding. It doesn't stop there.

Is your social media strategy lining up with your branding, message and mission? Your social media is a reflection of your brand and if you are executing your content strategy correctly, your brand and voice will flow consistently on your platforms. It is easier said than done. We at The Social Cue have brain fart moments and waste some serious time on what to post and what to caption to ensure we are sending the right message. It happens.


Consistency is key. You have your website, you know who you need to be speaking to. This needs to carry out through your social media platforms. Social media is essentially an extension of the brand you have already established so it is imperative that you remain consistent across the board. Being consistent is how your audience and potential new clients will come to recognise your brand. Your online audience should be able to look at your Instagram page and understand your message and what you are all about, just as they would looking at your website. Consistency will not only further establish your brand but will communicate the same message on every platform that your business has.


This goes beyond attaching your logo to all of your content (although this is a great tool for IG re-share purposes and further marketing). Branding your images is also the art of having your visual content reflect your brand and business. The imagery you use, does not necessarily need to be your product, an image of you at your desk or your team on the job. It can be anything so long as it resonates with your brand and theme without confusing your audience and blurring your message.

Colour is an important element of nailing your social media branding. We like to suggest selecting 4 or 5 colours that not only compliment one another, but tie in with the design on your website. If you limit yourself to only using the colours you have chosen for your palette, you lessen the risk of your social media appearing messy.

example: The Social Cue uses neutral tones regularly with Mother Nature as its muse. Not only is this on trend visually but keeps our platforms cohesive aesthetically.

Selecting the content you publish is a crucial exercise. The image itself might be visually appealing but how does it look overall. Is it out of place? If the image you have posted is of last nights dinner and the rest of your content is inspirational quotes than the answer will probably be yes, It is out of place.


Your voice is as equally important to your graphics. Who are you speaking to, who is your current audience, what is your message. These are all questions you must ask yourself before publishing. We write regular blogs at The Social Cue and by doing so we have found our voice. The more you write for your brand the more your tone will be established.

Although we are versatile in our services and the clients we work for, we want the tone of The Social Cue to reflect not only our brand but the people involved. We like to think we are fresh and fun so this inevitably shines through.

By allowing your audience to not only hear your message but the person behind the message, you will begin to create relationships. Be being personable, your audience will take a deeper interest in your message. By being honest, your audience will connect with not only your brand but with you.

example: We have two messages at The Social Cue for our two audiences.

Like minded brands and possible collaborative opportunities: We use a lot of our own personality when talking to like minded brands. It is the most genuine way to instigate a conversation. They are us. Our honesty with running a business, the daily struggles of business life and how much our caffeine addiction has taken over. They get it. We can build relationships over our mutual struggles and coffee addiction.

Our potential clients: Our clients are broad so we pull back on how much "millennial" comes through in our message however our writing style will never fully disconnect our personalities.

By considering these elements, you will soon start nailing your online branding. Your audience will recognise you and you will no longer be starring off into space trying to think up your next caption.

Have a wonderful day!

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