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How to drive traffic to your website

Clients constantly ask us, "How can I drive traffic to my website". Your audience has come across your social media platforms, maybe they have started following your journey on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter but how can we get them on your website to close the sale.

If you are a Start-Up business, chances are you don't quite have the budget as yet to fork out for the exorbitant costs of SEO Management or Google Ads. The Social Cue team are a thrifty bunch. If we can utilise our own resources rather than spend large, we will.

The Social Cue have done some brainstorming and we have come up with 5 ways to drive traffic to your website organically.


Blogs are life. We lose hours upon hours of time buried knee deep in blogs. Not only are they enlightening, inspiring and a great way to kill time, they offer a perspective you may have not yet discovered and with your knew found knowledge you can apply these findings into your own efforts.

If you are a business owner, offering a product or service, chances are you know a thing or two about a thing or two. Share your wisdom, share your passion, talk about life as an entrepreneur, talk about your business, talk about your weekend. We love a good story, so will your audience.

Once you have put the proverbial pen to paper, share your blog through your social media platforms. By doing this on Facebook you provide a direct link to your blog and thus sending your audience straight to your website. If your using Instagram, post fresh content with a caption about your new blog post and direct your followers to a link in your bio. Hello traffic.

Also, adding regular blogs to your website means your content is always getting a revamp. By doing this, you can organically move your website up in the Google ranks.


Pay regular visits to your website editor. Keeping content fresh with new updates will keep you from falling behind in the Google ranks. Now you may be thinking "How can I keep editing my website when it is already complete?" - Trust us, there will always be something new you will want to add.

Upload imagery of your latest works or products, add testimonials as they come through, create blogs and always ensure that when you are adding text, you keep your keywords in mind.


We love a good love story. Collaborating with like minded businesses might just be the key to driving traffic to your website. Communicating with like minded brands via social media can often stem to collaborative relationships.

You can ask your collaborative partner to write a creative piece for your website and once published, they can feature the blog on their own social platforms, giving your content and website traffic from a whole new audience. You can also perform as a guest blogger for their website which in most cases will credit you as the author and link directly to your own site.


Nailing your keywords is crucial to be found on Google. Think about the way you would search for a business if you were the customer. In most website development, you can only select a certain number of keywords for your site. Create a list of relevant keywords that are obvious for the customer searching for your business or product.

Keep in mind your location and your services.

Good Example; Gold Coast Hair Stylist, Gold Coast Hair, Gold Coast Beauty

Bad Example; Hair...

Ya feel. Be specific.

When you have got your document of possible keywords together, track their performance and keep the highest trafficking keywords as part of your strategy.


How annoying is it when you're trying to buy jeans online and the website your own only has Desktop view... Blahh. Not only is it hard to navigate, but the Google Algorithm favours Mobile Friendly websites.

Spend the time setting up your website for Mobile or invest in a business who can and make it happen. Unless you are working in your office, we are commonly chewing through data, phone in hand in the comfort of our living room. Over 50% of Google searches are made by mobile device. Fact.

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