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Understanding your Instagram Insights

It seems as though we are getting prompted weekly to update our Instagram app. For the Insta-savvy folk out there, the constant updates and fresh new features are a welcomed present in the form of filters and Instagram stories, but if your finger isn't quite on the social media pulse then you could be falling behind. We are providing insight to your insights. Get to know what each aspect of analysis means, so you can implement a more strategic approach to posting whilst optimising your exposure and bringing in potential new business.

If you are using Instagram for your business, chances are you have already switched your profile over to a business account which allows you to link directly to your business's Facebook page, display additional information such as links to your website, blog or location and last but not least, provide insight and analysis for you to better understand your audience and the activity on your page. If you haven't, scroll through your settings and select "Switch To Business Profile" - Now you're good to go!

Let us introduce to you to, the insights.


Impressions refer to the amount of times in the period of a week, your content has been viewed. This number will be typically higher than the rest of the aspects of analysis as one individual account may have seen your content several times while trawling through Instagram.

To optimise this, ensure you are posting at times that your audience is most active. Using video and strategic hashtags will aid in growing the engagement on each post so with the Instagram algorithm, the posts with a substantial level of engagement tend to stay high in the feed and suggested posts.


Your reach indicates the number of unique accounts that have viewed your content over the tracking period. They may not necessarily follow your page so the higher the reach, the more chance you have of generating new followers.

Research hashtags that are relevant and trending. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post so make the most of them! By implementing a hashtag strategy, you will find your reach will grow week by week. Yay!


This one is pretty self explanatory. Your profile views refer to the amount of times someone physically delved into your page to check you out. They might have seen your content whilst scrolling through their feed and thought "I like that, I want to see more" #ifyoudontknow #nowyouknow

Growing your profile views is simple. Post good stuff!

If the content you post is clear, engaging and thought provoking, you will encourage new audience to stop in their tracks and head on over to your profile to see what you are all about. A great image needs a great caption. Be sure to invite response in your caption. Start a conversation, everyone loves a good chat.


In my opinion, this baby is the most valuable insight of all the land. If you are selling a product or service and using Instagram as a platform to connect with your digital audience, Website Clicks tell you how many followers have loved your content enough to go all the way. Increasing traffic to your website means new potential businesses, which means more money in your pocket, which means more cocktails on the weekend (Okay, stop).


Being able to track the activity of your followers is crucial to developing your content strategy. Not only can you track your performance for the week with how many unique accounts have joined you on your Instagram journey, but you can also see the percentage of males and females, their age and where they hail from. This provides valuable insight to who you are targeting, and whether your content and hashtag strategy is attracting the right audience for your business. For example, if you run a Brisbane based restaurant and Instagram tells you, your followers are mostly based abroad, you might need to reconsider your hashtag game and the content you are producing.

The most useful tracking tool is the Followers/ Hours and Days! This little gem of an analysis, indicates WHEN your audience is most active on Instagam. This information is vital to your strategy if you want to optimse your exposure and generate the best possible results. Check this regularly and ensure that you are posting content at these times. Don't waste good content by posting after our bed time!

That's just a little bit of advice from me to you.

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